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If you need to know more before taking the plunge with an electric car, you're in the right place. We've answered all the frequently-asked questions about electric cars. Plus, you can send your questions directly to us at

Electric car repairs, servicing and maintenance: a complete guide

How, where and when should you get your electric car serviced? DrivingElectric reveals all

Niu GT electric scooter
Electric mopeds: how fast do they go, how long do they last and should you buy one for your commute?

Electric mopeds are on the rise, just like their four-wheeled counterparts. Here are some of the answers to your most pressing questions

Polestar 2 charging
Benefits of electric cars

We know electric cars are environmentally friendly, but there are other advantages to enjoy when you make the switch

Do electric cars have gearboxes?

Do electric cars have gears? Do they drive like automatics? Here's everything you need to know on the subject

Electric bikes: advantages and disadvantages explained

The pros and cons of an electrically assisted bike

What is a mild hybrid?

Just what is a mild hybrid car, and how do they work? Our handy guide explains it all

Best electric bikes 2020

Want to electrify your two-wheeled life? We've rounded up some of the best electric bikes for under £1,000

Traction control
What is traction control and how does it work?

Traction control is an almost universal feature of modern cars, and is particularly important for electric vehicles

What is torque? Definition, equations and units explained

You'll often see reference to a car's 'torque' figure, but what is this exactly and what does it mean? We explain

Tesla Superchargers
Tesla charging stations: a guide to the Tesla Supercharger network

The Tesla Supercharger network is expanding fast, providing reliable rapid charging throughout the UK for owners of the brand's cars

Complete guide to the GMEV (now Be.EV) charging network

In June 2020, Greater Manchester's 'GMEV' electric-car charging network was rebranded as 'Be.EV', with expansion and improvement on the cards

What is an electric car and how do electric cars work?

What makes electrics car different from petrols and diesels? And how do electric cars work? We have the answers

Engenie charge point
Complete guide to the Engenie charging network

Everything you need to know about charging your car on the Engenie network

Renault Master Z.E. electric van
Electric van lease deals explained

Thinking about leasing an electric van? Here's a starter guide

Can solar panels charge an electric car?

Charging your electric car with solar panels is a great way to save money in the long run. We explain why...

car wash
Car cleaning tips and advice

Cleaning your car doesn't need to feel like a chore. Follow our tips to get the best finish and protect your car's paintwork

A 4-minute guide to BMW plug-in hybrids

A look at BMW’s plug-in hybrids – how they drive, how to charge and the technology that drives them

Kia Niro PHEV front cornering
Hybrid car lease: car leasing vs PCP

Could leasing be the best option for you? We look at whether leasing is the best way to buy a hybrid car

Android Auto
What is Android Auto? The cars that have it and how it helps EV owners

Google's Android Auto smartphone integration software is very useful – here's why, and how to use it

What is Apple CarPlay? Electric cars with CarPlay

In-car connectivity is becoming increasingly important for electric and hybrid car drivers; here, we look at Apple CarPlay and its benefits