Complete guide to the Source London charging network

Not familiar with the Source London charging network? Here’s how to sign up, pay and charge

Source London is a network of on-street charging points in the UK's capital, with more than 1,600 chargers spread across the city.

Source London says it’s the only service where you can reserve a charging point up to 40 minutes in advance of your session. Each booking comes with a parking bay included, which is a boon for drivers needing to stop on Britain’s busiest streets.

In October 2020, Source London was bought by energy giant Total. The French firm has guaranteed that each of Source London's chargers will be powered using 100% renewable energy. 

Total plans to increase charger count 'tenfold' – which could equate to around 16,000 chargers in the capital by 2025.

How to I charge with Source London chargers?

Charging with Source London is relatively simple, although you’ll need to book in advance using the app or website to guarantee your spot.

Alternatively, you can simply arrive and start charging, with ad-hoc users needing to follow the instructions displayed on a screen on the charging unit itself in order to set up a charging session.

Members can use a specially granted RFID card to get started. Members are also able to monitor their usage, although pay-as-you-go drivers don’t have this flexibility.

You don’t need to hang around while your vehicle charges, leaving you free to head to work or explore the surrounding area. Should you encounter any problems, the company operates a 24/7 customer-support service.

How much does it cost?

Source London has two membership structures: Full and Flexi. Full membership – aimed at regular users – costs £4 per month for a yearly subscription, with its 7.4kW chargers costing 3.6p per minute of use and its 22kW fast chargers costing 9.5p per min.

At those rates, a full charge of the 40kWh Nissan Leaf would cost £11.68 and £10.36 respectively. That means faster charging is less expensive, incentivising drivers to leave their bays quickly for the benefit of others.

Flexi membership is aimed at those only needing to charge occasionally, and carries a one-off fee of £10: access to 7.4kW chargers is priced at 5.9p per minute, with 22kW chargers costing 11.9p per minute.

Again, faster charging works out cheaper, with a full charge of a 40kWh Nissan Leaf costing £19.14 and £12.99 respectively.

Source London chargers are also accessible to pay-as-you-go users, although this is the most expensive option: 7.4kW chargers cost 7p per minute for ad-hoc drivers, rising to 14.3p per minute for the 22kW chargers.

Using the same 40kWh Nissan Leaf as a guide, a full charge would cost £22.70 and £15.60 respectively.

It’s worth noting that a Central London surcharge of 1.4p per minute applies across the board in Camden, Westminster and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, which will raise charging prices in these areas.

The standard 7.4kW chargers must be used for a minimum of 20 minutes, while the shortest session possible on the faster 22kW chargers is 10 minutes.