Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2012-2020) MPG & CO2 emissions

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is somewhat more fuel-efficient than supermini rivals – at least on paper

Fuel economy (combined) Fuel economy (high) Fuel economy (low) CO2 emissions
56-59mpg 67mpg 74mpg 84-91g/km

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is unique among superminis – no other carmaker offers such a small car with a combination of petrol and electric power. Combining a 99bhp petrol engine with a 60bhp electric motor and battery pack has an obvious effect on the Yaris' weight, but this heavy hatchback still boasts impressive fuel-economy figures.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid MPG & CO2 emissions

Overall fuel economy for the Yaris Hybrid depends on the exact specification chosen, with efficiency decreasing as alloy wheels get bigger when you ascend the range hierarchy. Entry-level Active, Icon and Icon Tech models are claimed to manage up to 59mpg and even the biggest-wheeled models manage 55mpg.

By reducing dependency on petrol power, the hybrid system also handily reduces CO2 emissions compared to the regular Yaris. Again, wheel size has a bearing on figures: entry-level models produce 84g/km, compared to 91g/km for range-topping cars.