Next Porsche Cayman could be electric

Porsche has revealed it is considering making the next Cayman a pure-electric model

Porsche Cayman

A senior figure at Porsche says the next generation of the brand's 718 Cayman entry-level sports car could be fully electric.

Speaking to our sister title Auto Express at the launch of the Porsche Taycan electric four-door, the company's deputy chairman Lutz Meschke said: "In the sports-car segment we have to think about a pure electric car. An [electric] 911 will be too difficult.

"But for the 718 I think that it would be a very good step for the future and it would be on a completely new platform that we can discuss and share with other brands."

He added: "A pure-electric sports car would not only be important for China, but also Europe and US markets, as sports cars are the heart of our brands and we cannot sit only on SUV cars.

"We have to do something in the direction of our sports cars and I think the 718 is the right direction."

According Porsche CEO Oliver Blume, various prototypes for the next Cayman are currently under evaluation, with a final decision being made on what powertrain the car will use within the next 12 months.

Porsche intends for 50% of its sales to be made up of pure-electric cars by 2025 and has already said the next-generation Macan SUV will be pure electric.