Mercedes EQS SUV spotted testing

The latest addition to Mercedes' EQ range of electric cars has been spotted testing under camouflage for the first time

This is the Mercedes EQS SUV, a large electric SUV about the same size as a Mercedes GLS that'll sit somewhere near the top of the German manufacturers' forthcoming expanded range of EQ-badged electric cars.

The EQS SUV is set to offer an electric alternative to the GLS, much as the EQS saloon will be a pure-electric counterpart to the S-Class luxury saloon. The car will join the current EQC SUV in the range, along with the forthcoming EQA and EQB compact SUVs, both of which should arrive before the end of 2020. We've already spotted the EQE saloon undergoing cold-weather testing, too.

Mercedes has confirmed plans to release 10 new electric cars by 2022, so it's safe to assume that the EQS SUV you see here will be one of those. 

Despite the heavy disguise of this EQS SUV test car, some styling details can be made out. The front end appears to carry the same 'face' as found on almost all the other EQ models we've seen so far, including the 2019 Vision EQS concept car.

A rakish rear window means the EQS SUV won't be quite as boxy as the GLS, while some sharp styling lines can be made out on the car's flanks, a feature that can also be seen through the camouflage of some of the car's EQ siblings.

Mercedes has already stated that the EQS saloon will boast an electric range of over 435 miles; the SUV variant will use the same underpinnings and so should offer something close to this when it arrives. Expect four-wheel drive, lots of power and futureproof fast-charging support, too. 

While the EQS saloon will take on the likes of the Tesla Model S and forthcoming pure-electric-only Jaguar XJ, the EQS SUV is likely to be aimed at the Tesla Model X and the electric version of the expected Volvo XC100 that should arrive in 2022.