Lexus UX 300e range, battery & charging

The electric Lexus UX is par for the small electric SUV course, with good range and fast charging

Lexus UX 300e electric
Range Battery size Wallbox charge time Rapid charge time
196 miles 54.3kWh 8hrs (0-100%, 6.6kW) 52mins (10-80%, 50kW)

Lexus has balanced range with speedy charging to make the UX 300e a small SUV that should be a practical proposition for most users – and an easy switch for those based in more built-up areas, who tend to take lots of shorter trips. The UX can charge from a home wallbox at up to 6.6kW or from a public rapid charger at a maximum of 50kW; AC and DC charging cables come as standard on all models.

The charging port sits where the hybrid model's fuel filler is found: it'll be easiest to reverse into a charging bay as a result, although some public chargers may have a cable long enough to reach for those who prefer nose-in parking.

Lexus UX 300e range

Lexus claims a range of 196 miles for the UX 300e, a figure calculated using smaller 17-inch wheels and that may be subject to slight change, the firm warns. We don't expect the final official figure to change drastically from this, however, meaning the UX is on a par with most small electric SUVs, give or take a few miles. It certainly does better than the Mazda MX-30 in this regard – that car manages only 124 miles on a charge.

Charge time

Lexus claims the UX 300e can charge from zero to 100% at a maximum of 6.6kW from a home wallbox in just over eight hours – a time that's just about feasible for an overnight charge. A rapid charge from a public 50kW DC charger will get the car's battery from 10 to 80% in 50 minutes, so you won't have to spend too long at a service station if you're on a longer journey.