BMW X5 hybrid practicality & boot space

The BMW X5 hybrid has a smaller booth than the petrol and diesel, and a third row of seats isn't available, but it's still hugely spacious

BMW X5 hybrid
Length Width Height Boot volume (seats up/down)
4,922mm 2,004mm 1,745mm 500/1,720 litres

As you'd expect given its size, the BMW X5 hybrid is very spacious inside. But it is a fraction less spacious than its petrol and diesel-engined brethren, due to space being taken up by the hybrid battery. That also means you can't have seven seats in this model, as you can in the Volvo XC90 T8.

BMW X5 hybrid interior space, storage & comfort

Space and comfort for all occupants of the X5 hybrid is great, but note that it can only take five people at most – the presence of the hybrid system's battery means there's no seven-seat option like the petrol and diesel X5s offer.

The driver gets a commanding view of the road ahead and plenty of adjustment to find the optimum position, and the interior provides plenty of storage, with a large lidded bin between the front seats, a good-sized glovebox and spacious door bins for all your odds and ends.

BMW X5 hybrid

Boot space

Most families will find the X5 hybrid's 500 litres of boot space more than enough for everyday luggage on paper. But it’s worth noting that figure is less than what you get in non-hybrid X5s, which offer 650 litres with the rear seats in the upright position.

With the rear seats dropped, the X5 hybrid can take 1,720 litres of luggage, while the split tailgate is also useful; the lower section provides somewhere to rest your shopping before arranging it in the boot, or somewhere to sit when changing into walking boots or cycling shoes, for example. Even so, there's no doubting that a Volvo XC90 or Tesla Model X offers better practicality.