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Lexus NX 300h review

The Lexus NX 300h is a sporty-looking hybrid SUV that’s luxurious and comfortable, but loses out to plug-in rivals for efficiency and driving fun

Lexus NX 300h MPG & CO2 emissions

The Lexus NX 300h has limited battery-only range and can be thirstier than diesels on a long run

Lexus NX 300h interior & comfort

Super seats, plenty of space and lots of toys make the Lexus NX 300h a pleasure to sit in

Lexus ES
Lexus ES 300h reliability & safety

With plenty of safety kit and a rock-solid reliability story, the Lexus ES 300h has your peace of mind covered

Lexus ES
Lexus ES 300h interior & comfort

The Lexus ES 300h’s interior is beautifully made and interesting to look at, but the infotainment system is fiddly

Lexus ES
Lexus ES 300h review

The ES 300h is luxurious, good to drive and beautifully built, with CO2 emissions that will please company-car taxpayers

Lexus LC
Lexus LC 500h review

With stunning concept-car looks and thrilling performance, the LC proves ‘hybrid’ needn’t mean dull

Hyundai Kona Electric motor, drive & performance

The Hyundai Kona Electric is quick off the mark, but the handling is safe and sensible

Volkswagen e-Golf (2014-2019) review

The Volkswagen e-Golf offers all the practicality of Volkswagen's five-door hatchback and is almost as good to drive, too

Toyota Mirai
Toyota Mirai review

The Toyota Mirai provides a taste of how good hydrogen fuel-cell technology can be, but it's not a feasible option for private motorists yet

Volkswagen e-Golf
Volkswagen e-Golf (2014-2019) range, battery & charging

The Volkswagen e-Golf has a big battery that provides a reassuringly long driving range

Hyundai Kona Electric range, battery & charging

The Hyundai Kona Electric offers unbeatable range for the money

Lexus RX 450h
Lexus RX 450h running costs

The Lexus RX 450h makes the most sense as a company car, although plug-in hybrids offer lower costs

Lexus NX 300h running costs

Company-car tax for hybrids is less than for diesels, but otherwise there are few financial incentives to pick the NX 300h over a diesel or plug-in

Lexus IS 300h
Lexus IS 300h (2013-2020) running costs

Good-value pricing makes the Lexus IS 300h a solid choice, although plug-in hybrid alternatives will be much cheaper to run

Lexus ES
Lexus ES 300h running costs

Competitive pricing, economy and company-car tax advantages all work in favour of the ES 300h

Lexus ES
Lexus ES 300h MPG & CO2 emissions

The Lexus ES 300h is targeted primarily at business users, and there are definite tax benefits over diesel rivals

Lexus LC
Lexus LC 500h running costs

A luxurious sports coupe with an £80,000 price tag is never going to be cheap to run

Lexus IS 300h
Lexus IS 300h (2013-2020) MPG & CO2 emissions

The Lexus IS 300h looks clean compared to diesels, but plug-in rivals are better still

Lexus ES
Lexus ES 300h practicality & boot space

The Lexus ES 300h’s ‘long coupe’ styling limits rear headroom, and the big boot is not as versatile as in popular SUVs