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Toyota Auris Hybrid
Toyota Auris Hybrid (2013-2019) review

This generation of Toyota Auris Hybrid boasted impressive efficiency and plenty of equipment, but rivals offered far more polish and passion

Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2012-2020) MPG & CO2 emissions

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is somewhat more fuel-efficient than supermini rivals – at least on paper

Lexus LS 500h MPG & CO2 emissions

The claimed fuel economy of the LS 500h beats that of non-hybrid rivals, but electric driving range is limited

Lexus LS 500h
Lexus LS 500h running costs

Fuel consumption aside, the LS 500h's hybrid nature does little to rein in running costs

Lexus LS 500h
Lexus LS 500h review

The LS 500h makes an interesting alternative to German luxury saloons, but falls short on fuel-efficiency and it can't match rivals for driver appeal

Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2012-2020) reliability & safety

Owners believe the Toyota Yaris hybrid is showing its age, and more modern rivals are leaving it behind

Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2012-2020) practicality & boot space

Passenger space is clearly a Toyota Yaris Hybrid priority, but boot space isn't forgotten

Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2012-2020) engines, drive & performance

A lack of driver appeal is Toyota Yaris Hybrid's downfall, and it can get noisy, too

Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2012-2020) interior & comfort

Toyota Yaris standard equipment is generous anyway, and more so on the hybrid version

Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2012-2020) running costs

Toyota Yaris Hybrid's running costs are no higher than those of the petrol-engined version

Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2012-2020) review

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is economical, spacious and easy to live with, but also pricey, unexciting to drive and occasionally noisy

Smart EQ ForFour electric (2017-2019) electric motor, drive and performance

The EQ ForFour offers nippy acceleration and is easy to drive, but it's no electric 'driver's car'

Smart EQ ForFour (2017-2019) reliability & safety

Smart EQ ForFour reliability is unproven, and although it's well equipped, its safety rating is so-so

Smart EQ ForFour (2017-2019) practicality & boot space

'More of a handy urban tool than a family workhorse' sums the Smart EQ ForFour up

Smart EQ ForFour (2017-2019) interior and comfort

Smart EQ ForFour boasts a well trimmed and generously appointed interior

Smart EQ ForFour (2017-2019) running costs

Smart EQ ForFour running costs will be very low, particularly if you charge up at home

Smart EQ ForFour (2017-2019) range, battery and charging

With a real-world range of less than 70 miles, the Smart EQ ForFour really is best suited to city use

Smart EQ ForFour (2017-2019) review

Despite mediocre battery range, modest carrying capacity and a firm ride, the Smart EQ ForFour is a likeable electric city-car package

Toyota Auris Hybrid (2013-2019) practicality & boot space

Interior space in the Toyota Auris Hybrid is sufficient rather than generous, but practicality isn't as compromised as some hybrids

Toyota Auris Hybrid (2013-2019) reliability & safety

Reliability and quality are Toyota Auris mainstays, and the hybrid brings extra advantages in its low running costs. Safety kit impresses, too.